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The Modern Day Patriot for Governor

The Modern Day Patriot for Governor

It’s time for the modern patriot to step up and set the example for others. A great deal of citizens of this state know and agree that we’re heading in the wrong direction. And unfortunately, many of us don’t know what to do, while others don’t dare take steps to do what we believe is right. There’s no doubt that we all want to have a comfortable lifestyle but I’ve concluded that because of our daily behavior, we’re creating an environment where many in the new generation feel left out, discriminated against, and can’t achieve their full potential. This is in part due to the irresponsible media and their quickness to blame the system for all their failures.
It's not only important to work hard to create a strong economic future for Arizonans but to also recognize the breakdown of the nuclear family as the main cause of the problems in today's society. I will work unceasingly to strengthen the family bond because, without it, it is almost impossible for our new generation to become successful law-abiding and respectful citizens.

I recognize that the challenges will be many, but I know that with the total support of my family, my Christian upbringing, and my belief in a superior being who has never abandoned me, no obstacle will be big enough not to overcome. My work ethic has allowed my family and me the opportunity to successfully run our own business for almost 25 years and I’ll use the same passion to make my governorship the best that Arizona has ever seen. So help me God.
Patriot comes from the Latin word "Pater", which means "father". And the definition of Patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors, just like a parent protects their children and the family home.

At the time when my family was being viciously attacked by freedom haters, many of our supporters came to us and thanked us for standing up and speaking out. They said that they were scared to say anything themselves for fear of being attacked. When I hear the word “Patriot”, what comes to mind is someone who fought in the Revolutionary War for a better country. 245 years later, it's time to reaffirm what it means to be an American.

It’s time for Modern Patriots to step up and fight for a better country and a better State of Arizona.  I am the Modern Day Patriot running to be Governor of Arizona. I am asking you to step up and support me in my historic run for Governor.

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Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch at St. Phillips Plaza, 9/4 at 4pm.

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